How To Keep Flowers Fresh For Longer Periods Of Time

How To Keep Flowers Fresh For Longer Periods Of Time

You might have tried putting a penny in the water of your vase, but it doesn’t help your flowers last longer. According to the associate vice president of outdoor gardens and senior curator, it will make them droop. But it might help to keep them moist for a few hours before reusing them. So, what can you do? If you own a birthday cake and flower delivery in Dubai, this information will be useful for you to maintain the quality of flowers. 

Clear soda:

You can use a clear soda to keep your cut flowers fresh for longer. Unlike sugary flower food, clear soda contains no sugar and kills bacteria, which can make the flowers wilted and brown. Some people use it as flower food. To use it, you should dilute one part of clear soda with three parts of water.

Apple cider vinegar:

You can make your flowers stay fresher for longer by adding a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to the water. Apple cider vinegar is a natural antibacterial agent that keeps bacteria at bay. It also acts as a food source for your flowers. To make it even easier, mix equal parts of sugar and apple cider vinegar and place them in the vase. Before placing your flowers in the vase, shake it well, and add the sugar and vinegar mixture.


It is common knowledge that sugar helps to keep flowers fresher for longer. In addition to nourishing the flowers, sugar encourages unopened buds to bloom. The acidic pH level created by the sugar and vinegar also helps to prolong the flowers’ freshness. The ideal solution to keep flowers fresher for longer contains one quart of warm water and two tablespoons of white or brown sugar. The solution should fill the vase halfway.


A vase of fresh flowers breathes life into a room. On the other hand, wilting flowers have the opposite effect. Regular cleaning of your vase can help keep the stems of your flowers fresher for longer. It is important to clean away harmful bacteria. To disinfect the vase, mix one-part bleach with ten parts of water and rinse thoroughly. Follow the instructions on the label to ensure a successful cleaning.