Walking tracks at Cataract Gorge


Walking tracks at Cataract Gorge

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Anyone visiting Launceston should absolutely check out the Cataract Gorge. It is a beautiful natural formation located less than 5 minutes from Edenholme Grange and a major tourist attraction for Launceston.

There are many paths you can take around the gorge, so here’s a quick overview and map showing you the main ones.

launceston cataract gorge walking tracks

Cataract Gorge walking track map legend

  • Basin Road (blue): The main road into the Gorge with plenty of parking right outside the gorge. It is a short 3 minute drive from Edenholme to the gorge, coming down the Basin Road at the end.
  • Suggested track (green): This is a comfortable path across the Alexandra suspension bridge (pictured above), passing a bbq area, toilets, looking platform and The Gorge Restaurant before optionally turning right to follow the river to the King’s Bridge. An open area frequented by the peacocks and wildlife surrounds the restaurant.
  • Alternate Paths (yellow): You’ll quite likely wish to explore the surroundings of the gorge further and there are many alternate paths, some of the main ones have been highlighted.
  • Zig-zag hiking track (red): The zig-zag track is a very steep track for those feeling fit and adventurous. It does feature several looking platforms and connects to the streets at the top of the hill. There are many larger-than-normal steps and it can get quite muddy after some rain.
  • Chairlift (orange): The chairlift is a 457m ride across the gorge spans across the basin, across the basin. It’s defintely something to try out while you’re there and is open everyday. View the chairlift pricing page for the rates.
  • Duck reach track (purple): This path leaves the main gorge trail next to the suspension bridge and will take people to the Duck Reach Power Station (now a museum and interpretive centre). It takes about 45mins (one-way) to reach the power station.

Hope that helps give you a quick overview of the Cataract Gorge’s walking tracks, stay tuned for more in this series soon.