Tamar Valley Winery Tour


Tamar Valley Winery Tour

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We’ve teamed up with Tamar Valley Winery Tours to offer some special wine & accommodation packages. The Tamar Valley region is home to many fine vineyards so this package offers a great price to experience some of the very best local wineries.

Package details

  • Full Package:
  • 2 nights accommodation & breakfasts.
  • 3 hour tour with 3 wineries to visit & cheese platter.
  • From $620 2 persons, $980 4 persons.
  • Mini Package:
  • 1 night accommodation & breakfast.
  • 1 hour tour with 1 winery to visit & cheese platter.
  • From $320 2 persons.

For more information, view the image below or contact us.

Edenholme Tamar Valley Winery Tour Combo